The Light of Mount Horrid

Soon after the death of the poet and mystic Cara Carraig, foul monstrosities descended upon her artistic sanctuary in the Verdant Mountains and corrupted all that was once good there. Can your adventurers restore the property to its former glory before a great evil is summoned?


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We are now accepting submissions! The open call will run simultaneously with the Kickstarter campaign for The Light of Mount Horrid, which runs through April 2023. Click below to share information about your game, and make sure to support the Kickstarter here: CLICK

Ghost in the Forest Games is an imprint of the Ruth Stone House, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Utilizing the letterpress and publishing capabilities of the Ruth Stone House and its staff, Ghost in the Forest Games RSH aids writers and game designers in the creation of board games, card games, tabletop gaming books and related media that incorporates literature, poetry, print publishing, or the creative process as a defining aspect of the game.

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