The Light of Mount Horrid (digital copy & supplements)

Soon after the death of the poet and mystic Cara Carraig, foul monstrosities descended upon her artistic sanctuary in the Verdant Mountains and corrupted all that was once good there. Can your adventurers restore the property to its former glory before a great evil is summoned?

Inspired by the life and work of the poet Ruth Stone, this adventure includes the reading and writing of poetry as an essential part of the roleplaying experience: aberrations running the letterpress, ghosts who won’t be laid to rest until their book is finished, sentient weapons that will let you wield them if you only write a poem!

This 5E adventure includes the new Circle of the Deep Earth druid subclass!

The Light of Mount Horrid is an adventure created for the fifth edition of the first tabletop roleplaying game. It has been designed for a party of four to six fifth-level characters. As this module is inspired by the life, work, and home of the real-life poet Ruth Stone, lovingly named Cara Carraig within the adventure, players are not only encouraged to interact with poetry as part of the module but might not survive if they don’t! The adventure hook has been written to integrate into an existing adventure, but you can run this standalone with the characters each finding a rune or clue as part of their back story and coming together to aid in the magical distress call.

“The Light of Mount Horrid “is a celebration of poetry and unbridled role-playing creativity that doesn’t get lost in the weeds. […] With stunning illustrations by John Brodowski showing off some charming literary creatures and equipment that sits comfortably next to the best of Dungeon Crawl Classics, this is a rock-solid module that reinforces the delights found in literary analysis while also weaving a unique and delightful tale that plays on the best parts of classic eldritch mysteries and map spelunking.”

—Levi Rubeck, “Rolling The Light of Mount Horrid to Life” at Unwinnable

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